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Error and Stability Monitoring for Modern JS Apps

Catch errors as they happen, view user interactions and trace issues to it’s roots.

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Bugray helps you understand issues affecting your users, so that you can get back to building great products.

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Install, configure and use
npm install --save bugray-vue

Vue.use(Bugray, { apiKey: 'pML4VBVKrZAKXR6CT77i7YTrq9KK' })
Lightweight, agent-less error monitoring for mobile, front-end and back-end

Error analysis and enriched stack traces

Errors happen, they are part of every developer’s life. The question is how well and fast you can deal with them and get back to building great new features.
Our smart and lightweight code silently monitors your apps and when an error happens we automatically analyse it, enrich it with contextual data and show you the path down to the last line of code that caused it.

Enriched stack trace
Telemetry - events and user interactions

Events and interactions leading to the error

We enable you to see user interactions and data state changes few seconds before the issue actually happened, even across multiple routes, making the entire debug process much easier. No more guessing what your users did before the issue occurred.

Contextual data and application state

We provide you with a lot of contextual and environmental data out of the box, show you application state (vuex / redux / localStorage) at the point of error and on top of that enable you to add any extra data you choose to include in error reports, such as user or account information, extra parameters and so on.

User variables

Collaboration and Project Management

Ability to assign issues to team members, view assigned tasks, organize tasks in kanban style view and collaborate with other, all within Bugray interface or link issues straight to your favorite task/project management tool.


Real-time Notifications and Integration

Real-time notifications via email or your favorite messaging tools. Fine-grained control of what types of errors and occurrence frequency you get to your inbox.
Seamless third-party integration, regression detection and deployment binding.
Third part integration include Asana, Github Projects, Slack, Gitter, Zendesk, Trello and Monday.com


Security is a core principle of Bugray. You're in control. Easily scrub any sensitive data (PII) from the error logs and stay PCI compliant. Bugray customer and error data is transferred and stored fully encrypted, including backups. We support (2FA) two-factor authentication, Log in with GitHub or SAML to further protect access to your data.

Organized and Searchable

All of your issues and logs organized in highly structural way under intuitive UI and searchable by multitude of parameters. Errors are linked to projects and deployments to enable you to quickly rollback when needed.

Only the Chosen Ones!

We don't try to cover all languages and environments possible. We believe that by supporting only the few chosen technologies we can provide more fine grained experience with perfectly balanced user interface.

Simple pricing


  • 1 user
  • 1 project
  • Events limit to 50 per hour
  • 1 day data retention


$5,- / month
(less than a large cup of coffee)
  • 1 user
  • Up to 5 projects
  • Unlimited events
  • 30 days data retention
  • JS source map support
  • Release stability monitoring & analytics


$19 / month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited events
  • 1 year data retention
  • JS source map support
  • MFA (multi factor authentication)
  • Release stability monitoring & analytics
  • Team management and security options
  • Team collaboration
  • Project management tools